Colterris Wines

"from the Colorado land"

Colterris primarily specializes in making really good cabernet sauvignon, but that’s about it for wine. They also have a peach orchard that produces terrific peaches and a gift shop that sells lavender and peach ice cream. (My wife LOVES the lavender ice cream.)

This winery is one of the hidden gems of Palisade CO with one of the best views of the valley hidden just a short walk from the tasting room. If you only have time to visit a few wineries while you’re in town, make sure to stop in here and walk around a bit.

Our Ratings

2015 Coral White Cab Sauv – TV✅ purchased

Good amount of alcohol. Rating: L – 😐 P – 😐/😊

2013 Cab Sauv – KV

Rating: L – 😐 P – 😊/😍

2011 Cav Sauv – TV

Smells nice. Rating: L – 😐/😊 P – 😍

NOTE: TV = Theresa’s vineyard (owner’s wife), KV = Katie’s vineyard (daughter).

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